In this age of social media networking, you all may claim to have loads of “friends”. But, how many of those friendships are deep & true? A very few, would be our guess! But you all have some friends who are closer than any others. They are more brothers than friends and are guys whom you love & trust immensely! On this Friendship Day, find out which kind your friendship belongs to, guided by these popular movies that uphold the value of these various types of male friendships!



The college besties

You have bunked classes together, faced wrathful teachers together, tried to woo girls together and shared a smoke on the terrace stairs together. College wouldn’t have been the same without each other. From pulling an all-nighter before exams to partying till the wee hours of the night – you have done it all together! No wonder, the movie ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ reminds you of this friendship. If the movie has taught you anything, then it is that this bond is for keeps! Celebrate this Friendship Day by gifting your friend a trendy watch, a cool wallet with contrast trims or a strong, musky perfume that he’ll love. Here’s to many more years of this fun bond of love. Cheers!

The mentor-mentee friendship

He is not only your friend, but your philosopher & guide too. He has taught you many a things in life, for which he has your utmost respect & love. Much like your favourite movie ‘Django Unchained’, you two started out as mentor and mentee, but ended up forging a strong bond of friendship. You know he’s always there for you when the going gets tough, or when you need some constructive criticism!  To honor this kind of friendship, pick a gift of a classy formal watch or a sleek leather wallet or even a fine, oriental fragrance on this Friendship Day and show him how much he matters in your life!

The partners-in-crime

You might be childhood besties or work pals, but since the day you met each other, you have stuck together like two sticky kernels of caramel popcorn! You have experienced all kinds of situations together – from funny ones to serious ones to life-altering ones – and can literally blackmail the other till the rest of your lives with all the secrets you have in store! Now wonder the movie ‘Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid’ reminds you of this friendship. You guys have been partners-in-crime in more ways than one, and will continue to be so forever! So, on this Friendship Day, surprise your partner with a stylish gift like a sporty watch, a cool perfume or a trendy leather wallet.

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