A New Year always means a long list of resolutions – half of which die a very premature death, sometimes within the first few weeks of the year itself! The most popularly-made resolution that is the most difficult to keep up with is the pledge you take to take steps towards a fitter and healthier life. If the title of this article made you want to read further, then that means your fitness resolution for 2018 has already been broken or is on the verge of being broken. But, actually, a few smart tips are all it’ll take to help you follow this resolution through till the end of the year! Intrigued? Read on!




Charity (and workout) begins at home

In the adrenaline-rush of making new resolutions, we tend to head to our nearest gym and get ourselves a hefty 6-month membership. Unfortunately, one month down the line, we know that the money for the next few months will go to waste. This year, think twice before indulging in that over-rated gym membership, and warm yourself up by starting with simple workout sessions at home. You can do freehand exercises as well as indulge in full-fledged aerobics workouts, with the help of YouTube videos! There are a lot of effective workouts that you can do at home, so save yourself the money and treat yourself later with it – maybe when you achieve the goal of working out every day for a month!



Keep count to keep up

The main trick to sticking to your fitness resolutions is to keep yourself motivated continuously. We all need motivation to push ourselves harder and achieve our goals. This is where your smart watches and fitness bands can help you! These cool devices let you keep track of your activities – from the number of steps you take to the amount of calories you burn – thus motivating you to work towards that next milestone. When you are feeling too lazy to stretch those limbs, just check the count of kilometres covered on your fitness tracker and you’ll get that adrenaline rush to take it to the next level. So, these smart timepieces will motivate you to move more, walk more, go for a jog, burn more calories and will also help you make sure you don’t miss your Zumba classes!

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