February is just round the corner and we all know what that means! Love is in the air and it’s time for all you romantic (or not so romantic) people to start planning for the big day of love! When St. Valentine gave up his life for his Lady Love, did he know that he would be starting such a big trend for lovers worldwide in the years to come? Maybe not, but he also didn’t have to face the extremely difficult decision of choosing the right gift for his beloved! This year, we make it a wee bit easier for you with this cheat sheet of V-day gifting options based on the status of your relationship!


Childhood Sweethearts

You have known each other all your life and you have been in love forever. Since that first day when she shyly sat beside you on the first day of school, you two have been inseparable. You have spent stolen moments together during school lunch break and bunked college together to go on movie dates. There’s hardly anything that you two don’t know about each other. Such kind of love needs to be celebrated with some timeless pieces of jewellery that’ll tell her how valuable she is in your life. Pick a statement pendant or finger ring with rich red rubies for the love of your life and make all her childhood dreams come true!


New-Found Love


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That feeling of falling in love with a stranger is unparalleled in excitement and heart-warming feel-good vibes. New-found love is always special and needs more attention and care. Those knowing looks at each other across a roomful of people or that anticipatory excitement of the 3rd, 4th or 5th date makes this relationship vibrant with a plethora of emotions. Make your new girlfriend or newly-wed wife feel special by gifting her a stylish watch that’ll let her know that all your time is hers. A trendy timepiece with a touch of red on the dial or in the embellishments can make for the perfect arm candy as she holds your hand lovingly on the road.


Casual Dating


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In this day and age of fast food and faster relationships, some of you just like to date casually, without going into the commitment and complications of long-term relationships.  Casual relationships may be a lot of fun, without having the need to live up to too many expectations. Keep it light and casual; yet make an impression on your date with a gift that’s sure to put a smile on her face and a spring to her steps. A nice fragrance makes for an ideal V-day gift if you are a part of such a relationship. Your girl will love a fresh, fruity or floral perfume that’ll add to her fun personality as she enjoys dinner dates or Saturday night parties with you!


Married For Years


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You have crossed various stages of love through all the years of marriage – excitement during the initial years, the happy bonding of the formative years and finally, the quiet comfort of a relationship that’s travelled a long way. You know each other inside out and your love need not show so much in the social media status updates as it does in the day-to-day activities and the small little things. You know your wife will be absolutely happy and satisfied with a bunch of roses and a take-away dinner on Valentine’s Day, but that’s all the more reason to surprise her with a beautiful piece of jewellery that she’ll covet for years to come! Choose from a range of traditional pieces with intricate craftsmanship and glorious designs to pick that perfect gift for the one who’s a constant in your life.

This year, stop fretting over thousands of gifting options and simply evaluate the status of your relationship to get your Lady Love the gift that she’ll never forget! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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